G-Glaze S1 600 ml.

Silicone ไร้กรด 100% บรรจุแบบไส้กรอก

รายละเอียด :

G-Glaze S1 600 ml. Building Silicone, General Purpose, Neutral Silicone Sealant
1. One part,ready to use.
2. Excellent resistance to UV rays, Ozone and temperature extremes.
3. Primerless Adhesion to PVC, CPVC, KYNAR 500/HYLAR 5000 based paints and coatings,anodized Aluminium most other common building substrates and metals, glass plastics, Composite Panel, Aluminium, Concrete.
4. 10 years gurantee.
5. Comform to ASTM C-920 Specification of Type S, ns, Class 25 sealants, JIS A5758


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